84th Texas Legislative session coverage

Print edition updates:

Round up no. 3

Round up no. 2

Round up no. 1

Lege preview

LGBT protections lacking in Texas


Advocacy, biz groups speak out

People of faith converge on Lege

Needle exchanges, AIDS and HIV:

Long overdue: needle exchange passes in House

Needle exchange pilot program bill passes House

Blog updates of HIV criminalization bills

HIV in the LEGE

Religious liberty:

Accord reached on Pastor Protection Act

Child welfare amendment to be re-introduced

Child welfare amendment author won’t back down, re-introduces amendment

Following bills death, Sanford attaches child welfare amendment to bill

Marriage equality:

Democrat introduces anti-marriage equality bill

Hancock introduces empty resolution on marriage

Following death of HB 4105, majority of House GOP sign letter supporting marriage ban

HB 4105 lives as amendment

HB 4105 dies

Majority of House GOP co-author HB 4105

Fiscal note on anti-marriage equality bill tops $1 million

Rep. Tony Tinderholt files complaint against judge over marriage ruling

Following lesbian wedding, senator files anti-marriage equality bill

Speaker’s race:

Game on: committee appointments revealed

Straus re-elected speaker

Purity versus compromise

Blogs and commentary:

Bill would limit access to state public records

Bill would bar reparative therapy for Texas youth; garners national praise

Two anti-trans bills in Texas House slammed by LGBT groups

Rep. Eric Johnson files bill to end LGBT job discrimination

Legislators file joint birth certificate bills for LGBT parents

Guns, God and gays: first day of prefiling for upcoming Lege session

Other bills:

Powerful GOP Rep. Byron Cook supports supplemental birth certificate bill

Blogs and op-eds:

Cathie cried: Abbott will not convene special session on marriage

Cecil Bell’s ‘witch’ is dead — but it and other anti-LGBT bills could be resurrected

Rep. James White’s legal logic on gay sex

Let them eat cake I identified the people in the photo

Let them eat cake: rep offers free cake in honor of same-sex marriage ban

Konni Burton and other legislators attend energy briefing with quacks

An open letter to Sen.-elect Konni Burton, who blocked me on Twitter

“Bought and sold” series lifting veil on campaign finance disclosures:

Bought and sold: Lt. Gov-elect Patrick packs advisory boards with donors

Bought and sold: mastering the electoral run-off

Bought and sold: Legislators believe in liberty and freedom, but not for you

Rep. Molly White: Obama should ‘be arrested and tried for treason against the U.S.’

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