Freelance Work

Until Our Dying Day: Following the sudden, tragic death of an ex-boyfriend, I wrote this personal essay for New Clear Vision reflecting on our struggle and that of our queer brethren. This also appeared on and ZNet (link no longer available).

Into the Pages of The Twilight Zone, The Antiochian Winter 2011: Feature piece for Antioch College’s magazine The Antiochian about the legacy of The Twilight Zone Magazine, a well-celebrated offshoot of the popular speculative fiction television show produced by Rod Serling ’50.

Five Minutes With: Jim Hightower, Generation Progress (formerly Campus Progress): Interview for since renamed digital publication as part of a since discontinued series with Texas populist Jim Hightower.

Equity and Philanthropy, Fort Worth Weekly: First published piece that was not a letter to the editor was this op-ed challenging billionaires committed to The Giving Pledge to do more than give money away. Reprinted in the HuffPost.

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